PVC jobs and other special materials call for specialized adhesives. We proudly carry adhesive products like expanding foams, thread sealant, and anti-seize from only the best brands in the industry. If we wouldn't use it - we won't sell it!

We proudly carry BOSS products and other top-notch adhesives like solvent cements and more. Need pipe dope, also known as pipe thread sealant? We have the best stuff available at a fantastic discount price. Pipe dope, or thread sealant is a unique product used to help adhere threaded metal and plastic pipe fittings together. Simply apply some pipe thread sealant to the threads and tighten for a leak-free seal that will last for years!

Pipe thread sealant like the 270 and 271 BOSS sealants help fittings glide into inter-locking positions and fills any holes or gaps in the threading preventing leaks. Why is pipe thread sealant better than PTFE tape? Thread sealant is able to move freely through the threads, filling gaps and creating a completely liquid-proof seal. Thread tape is best used for lubrication of threads, and it can bunch up and tear opening up the possibility of leaks. PTFE tape is also harder to apply correctly, and requires a new application each time a connection is opened.

Looking for other adhesives? We also carry expanding foam for filling in holes between your pipe and building. A few quick sprays of this foam and your opening will be water and air tight! See our adhesives and get all your pipe, fittings, glues, sealants and more all in one convenient place.

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