Solvent Cement

Solvent cement for PVC and CPVC is used to bond pipe with socket or "slip" end fittings. It comes in different bodies, colors, types, and can sizes. Generally, you want to use a PVC cement for connecting PVC parts and a CPVC cement for CPVC material. Unlike most adhesives and glues, solvent cement for PVC and CPVC actually softens the material allowing it to weld together. This creates extremely strong and durable connections that can handle everything from holding together PVC lawn chairs to providing leak-free joints in a pressurized liquid handling system.

Solvent cements come in regular, medium, and heavy body options. Generally, regular and medium body cements are best for smaller pipe diameters, and heavy body cement is used for larger size joints. Manufacturers also usually indicate how fast a glue "sets". This is how fast the cement creates bond after applied. Fast set cements give you little time to make adjustments in the position of the pipe and fitting once applied. Slower setting PVC and CPVC glues are better for large diameter jobs where it takes more time to get the pipe and fittings into the correct position.

Oatey® is a trusted solvent cement for home and commercial use around the world. We carry a range of Oatey® products from PVC cements to CPVC cements and primers. We offer a range of Lo-VOC solvent options that meet South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1168 and the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) standards. Solvent cement is available in containers of 4 oz. up to gallon size.

Solvent cement is used in a vast range of industries and applications, from residential plumbing to industrial waste management. The ease of use and affordability of PVC, CPVC, and its joining procedure make these materials a valuable piece of many liquid handling systems across the world.

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