Pipe Thread Sealant

Pipe thread sealant - also known as "pipe dope," is used in the plumbing industry to lubricate and seal threaded connections between thermoplastics and metals. Without thread sealant, PVC fittings may not tighten completely and can leave spaces for media to leak through. Our pipe thread sealants are top-of-the-line and are suitable for professional use.

Pipe thread sealant like the Christy's ULTRA and SUPER seal sealants help fittings glide into inter-locking positions and fills any holes or gaps in the threading preventing leaks. Why is pipe thread sealant better than PTFE tape? Thread sealant is able to move freely through the threads, filling gaps and creating a completely liquid-proof seal. Thread tape is best used for lubrication of threads, and it can bunch up and tear, opening up the possibility of leaks. PTFE tape is also harder to apply correctly, and requires a new application each time a connection is opened.

Another benefit of pipe thread sealant is the ability to easily disconnect fittings if needed. Unlike some sealants, our Christy's brand thread sealants do not harden, and therefore make disassembly of a pipe connection simple. Our sealants come in two types, one a yellowish color and one white. The white ULTRA seal sealant by Christy's has PTFE included for superior lubrication of threaded joints. Our sealants are grit-free and are NSF certified. They are also lead-free, non-toxic, and will not leach smell or taste for your complete peace of mind.