PVC Furniture Fitting Elbows

Whether you make PVC furniture or are working on a special project, PVC furniture fittings can be the perfect combination of thrift and convenience. Unlike standard plumbing grade parts, PVC furniture fittings are designed to look great and withstand sun and more structural use. Like standard PVC fittings, furniture grade PVC is lightweight, affordable, and easy to use.

Our furniture grade PVC elbow fittings are a great alternative to regular PVC parts, because they have no bar codes or manufacturer markings. The furniture grade elbow fittings are available in five sizes ranging from 1/2" nominal size to 1-1/2" nominal size. PVC Fittings Online's complete line of furniture fittings is compatible with standard PVC pipe of the same nominal size (Example: 1" fittings work with 1" pipe).

People choose furniture grade PVC elbows for a complete cohesive look to their PVC project. Most furniture grade parts have a beveled edge, and they all are white with no printing or markings. Plumbing parts on the other hand usually have a molded logo or printing that make the fittings less attractive for non-plumbing uses.

PVC elbows are commonly used to make a bend in a PVC pipe line. They are great for PVC crafts or backyard projects like PVC soccer goals or lawn furniture. Furniture grade elbows have two socket ends and a 90 degree bend. PVC pipe fits inside a socket end and can either be glued or "dry fitted" so you can take it apart again if needed. PVC Fittings Online is always growing our furniture grade selection, and strives to keep the lowest prices online - always.

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