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PVC is ideal for various types of indoor and outdoor furniture, and PVC Fittings Online carries a wide selection of varieties for almost any type of PVC furniture project for commercial and institutional use. Our options for wholesale PVC furniture fittings are a reliable and economical choice. PVC is an increasingly popular preference when it comes to furniture projects and displays. Our fittings can be found in countless everyday projects, including storage racks, set design, pet beds, tables, chairs and other furniture items that are made to withstand the elements, both indoor and outdoor. The PVC furniture fittings we offer can be used with standard PVC pipe of the same size, and the slip-on socket end connections make for easy connection — either temporary or permanent. We carry several options of fittings that are white with a smooth, shiny surface, making them an attractive selection for your project.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor furniture, why should you opt for PVC? PVC is a solid option when it comes to furniture projects. As a material, PVC is lightweight yet very sturdy, making it a cost-effective choice that doesn’t force you to compromise quality for price. It’s versatile and easy to use in virtually any type of project. What’s more, it’s strong. Compared with fittings made from other materials, PVC is incredibly resistant to damages from impacts, and it is largely resistant to unsightly scratches. Plus, PVC furniture grade fittings are blemish and barcode free unlike standard plumbing grade PVC parts. For outdoor furniture projects, PVC is among the best options available, as it is able to hold its own against all types of weather. Further, it is a clean material. PVC is easy to maintain, and it is an attractive choice for furniture projects of all kinds, from outdoor tables and chairs to high-visibility displays.

PVC Fittings Online is your No. 1 resource for wholesale furniture fittings. We offer an excellent range of options, all made from high-quality PVC. We carry 3-way (side outlet elbow) fittings, 4-way (side outlet tee) and 5-way (side outlet cross) fittings, as well as high-quality external PVC end caps. For wholesale fittings, we have earned a strong reputation as a leading distributor. We know the ins and outs of PVC fittings, and we can assure you that when you do business with us, you can expect nothing short of the best. We are a leading supplier of wholesale PVC fittings for such industries as furniture builders, pet and agility, medical, garden and agriculture, arts and crafts, and resellers. In addition to PVC fittings specifically for indoor and outdoor furniture, we carry a wide range of pipes, fittings, valves and other accessories made from PVC. Our staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. We are eager to hear about your project and help you make the right selection when it comes to PVC furniture fittings. Contact us today to learn more.

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Buying PVC Pipe or Other Parts?

PVCFittingsOnline.com also supplies a full line of standard schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings to accompany your furniture grade parts. If you have other items you would like to purchase in addition to furniture fittings, please submit an online quote request and we will send you accurate pricing on your complete bulk order.

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We are a stocking distributor with a huge furniture fittings inventory. Furniture fittings orders ship same-day (if ordered before shipment processing time), so you get your parts delivered FAST.