Specialty PVC Fittings

Specialty PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fittings can be used in numerous applications where an ordinary fitting just won't do. Durable and sturdy, specialty PVC fittings are easily installed into a craft or work project — the fitting is long-lasting and can withstand exposure to different elements and environments without cracking or fading. People working on residential, commercial and industrial projects have all reaped the benefits of using specialty PVC fittings.

The number of uses for specialty PVC fittings are endless. These fittings have always worked well in the HVAC and plumbing industry. PVC is a versatile material that can be used to circulate air, water and other fluids throughout buildings. In other applications, specialty PVC fittings are ideal as building materials for furniture and small structures. Use these fittings to create outdoor furniture, kids playhouses, dog agility equipment, sports goals and many other projects. In addition, people working in a commercial business setting can create small project models or invention prototypes with these specialty fittings.

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3-Way PVC Specialty Fitting

3-Way PVC Specialty Fittings

4-Way PVC Specialty Fitting

4-Way PVC Specialty Fittings

5-Way PVC Specialty Fitting

5-Way PVC Specialty Fittings

PVC Flat Cap Specialty Fitting

Specialty PVC Flat Caps

PVC is a combined plastic and vinyl material that can withstand different temperature fluctuations and pressures without warping, bending or cracking. PVC is also very strong — it does not rust or corrode like metal materials. Formulated with weather inhibitors and impact modifiers to increase its durability and stability properties, specialty PVC fittings are ideal for outdoor framing applications.

Nothing can be more frustrating than needing a specialty fitting to complete a work project. We have heard of people trying to create their own fittings with disastrous results — the fittings leak, become cracked or cannot support frames. People may create their own fittings because they believe that no company carries the fittings they need or that the specialty fitting will be too pricey.

PVC Fittings Online carries a wide selection of specialty PVC fittings for numerous applications at low prices. PVC is very affordable, and we extend these cost savings to our clients, allowing them to complete projects at lower purchase and building costs that they wouldn’t find if using other materials for fittings. Whether you’re seeking a temporary fitting that can be changed out at a later time or permanent fixture with the use of PVC cement, our fittings work well in numerous projects with amazing success.

Determine the type of specialty fittings required for the project, such as side outlet tees, side outlet elbows or 5-way fittings. We can help you decide on the best fittings based on what the fittings will be used for and what types of elements the fittings must withstand.

PVC Fittings Online has the specialty fittings at the sizes and prices that people can afford. Contact us today to begin purchasing your specialty PVC fittings or browse through our resource center for project ideas that use this versatile material.

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