Residential Filter Housings

Filtration systems play a very important role in your family’s health and happiness. They are designed to remove harmful components from water, keeping it safe to drink and gentle on the skin. Filter Housings ensure that this process is completed properly.

Filter housings come in a variety of sizes and shapes. PVC Fittings Online offers a variety of home filtration products that are sure to meet your needs. In particular, the Big Blue filter housing is built to handle a wide range of applications, from water to chemical filtration. These versatile systems are perfect for high flow and heavy sediment. Contact Us today for more information on the type of filter housing you may need / want.

The Big Blue filter housing holds either 10” filters with 3/4” ports or 20” filters with 1” ports, both with pressure release buttons. Both sizes allow for larger cartridge capacity and make a great substitute for more expensive, low pressure stainless steel housing systems. Compatible with many different chemicals and cartridges, Big Blue filters are able to effectively meet your filtration needs.

In addition, PVC Fittings Online offers Big Clear filter housings. With the same measurements and capabilities as the Big Blue, this system also allows for on-site examination of the filtration process at work. Both housing systems provide high quality filtration at an affordable price.

For more information or explanation about these products, call us today at (866) 777-7990.