Camlock Caps

These camlock caps are used to avoid having an open end in an inactive system. When a pipe or hose is left open, dust, rain, or even small animals can enter a pipeline and compromise the sanitation of a system. This can slow down operations significantly. Save time and money by purchasing one of these helpful cam and groove dust caps today! These fittings use an ingenious yet simple system of grooves and levers to tightly lock into place. View all our sizes of camlock dust caps below.

Additional Camlock Dust Cap Info

Dust caps are given that name because they are designed to keep dust and other things out of a pipeline when it is not in use. They should not. however, be used to block flow while a pipeline is active. The flat design of these dust caps is not meant to handle pressure for extended lengths. However, these polypropylene caps with stainless steel levers are ideal for keeping things out of an inactive pipeline, and that's what they should be used for! Get more information about these products by clicking the "Ask Question" button on any of our product pages.

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