DWV Flanges

Flanges are fittings that are designed to connect pipes to other accessories or items. In the case of DWV flanges, they are most commonly used to connect toilets to the sewer pipe. Flanges look light small discs and are connected together using bolts, clamps or compressive force, with bolts being the most common. DWV flanges are specifically designed for use in drain, waste and vent applications in both commercial and residential settings. All of our DWV flanges meet ASTM D1784 Standards and are also NSF-14 Certified.

Because they are designed for use in drain, waste and vent situations, the primary DWV flanges offered here are closet flanges. These fittings are used to mount a toilet to the floor, connecting the toilet's drain to the sewage drain pipe. They are called closet drains after the traditional "water closet" name for the toilet. Closet flanges have a PVC hub connected to a round metal mounting flange. The flange is then fused to the floor for a tight seal. The gap between the toilet and the flange is closed with a wax ring, and the toilet can then be bolted to the flange, not the floor.

We stock both traditional DWV flanges and offset flanges to meet all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. Offset flanges work similar to traditional, but the pipe is not centered directly under the mounting ring. This allows for the toilet to be mounted slightly off center, which is important when a floor joist is in the way, or when installing a toile that is a different size than the original toilet and fits in the space differently.

All of these flanges are made with durable PVC, so they are able to withstand daily use without warping or corroding. Both PVC and metal rings, including options with adjustable rings, are available, with both four and three-inch sizes available to fit most plumbing needs.

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