DWV Plugs

  • Plugs end of pipe line fitting • ASTM D 3311, 1866, 1784 Standards
  • Male pipe thread ends for easy connection • NSF International Standard 14 Certified
  • Maximum Operating Temp of 140°F • Countersunk or raised nut style

DWV plugs are a popular fitting type, because they are used for various things. The most common use for a DWV PVC plug is to close off a cleanout fitting. This is a special DWV type fitting that is common in drainage and waste handling. DWV plugs are usually male threaded end fittings. That means they are threaded on the outside of the fitting and can be screwed inside another fitting. MPT and FPT fittings are usually connected using what is called "pipe dope" or thread sealant. This lubricates and fills in any open spaces in the threading that may cause leaks or damage to the fitting. Drain waste vent applications are non-pressure, so they aren't under as much stress as pressurized pipe. It is still important to get a leak-proof seal on your fittings though.

Plugs may come in various styles like raised nut, countersunk, and flush. Each of these differs only in the style of the top of the plug. Different styles can be removed or tightened using various types of tools. Our DWV fittings are made of PVC - meaning they have a recommended maximum temperature use of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Like all PVC, these fittings are resistant to corrosion and can stand up to a variety of chemical types. They are great for drainage lines and other uses that don't require pressurization of the contents. See our DWV plug selection and choose the size and type that fits your need. We offer the lowest prices possible to help contractors and backyard builders alike save on their supplies.