Galvanized Malleable Bushings

Our galvanized malleable iron fittings are strong and use a zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion in air, steam, and water lines. These helpful galvanized malleable bushings connect two parts of different sizes and threadings, acting as an adapter between sections of a pipeline with different pipe sizes. They have one MNPT (male national pipe thread) end and one smaller FNPT (female national pipe thread) end. This means you can put one on the end of a pipe and use it as a reducer or in the end of a fitting and use it to increase the line size. Check out our galvanized malleable iron bushings below.

Additional Galvanized Malleable Bushing Info

These bushings have two threaded ends, one male and one female. These threads are widely compatible, but will not make an airtight seal on their own. For these fittings to be effective, the threads must be sealed with some type of thread sealant. The two most common are PTFE tape and pipe dope (also known as thread compound). PTFE tape is on a roll and must be spun around male threads. Pipe dope is brushed onto the threads. In effect, these thread sealants fill up the small spaces between threads, allowing them to reliable transfer water, steam, and even pressurized air without loss of pressure or leakage.