PVC 5-Way Furniture Fittings (Side Outlet Cross)

Five way PVC fitting connectors are rare and difficult to find online. We are proud to now be carrying these specialty items. Our 5 way fittings are furniture grade - meaning they are specially designed for structural use and are not meant for plumbing or liquid carrying. A 5-Way PVC Fitting looks like a standard PVC cross with an outlet coming out of one side. These are useful when creating standing structures like shelving. Our fittings are slip on and they are compatible with standard PVC pipe of the same size. They are a shiny white with slightly beveled ends. In stock now - get them while they last!

Have questions about furniture grade PVC? Check out our Furniture Fittings FAQ Sheet pdf

Our 5 way side outlet cross fittings are available in two common sizes: 1" and 1-1/4". These five way fittings come in handy for all kinds of DIY PVC projects. Our 5 ways are furniture grade, meaning they aren't meant for pressure or liquid handling. These impact resistant fittings are all for building amazing structures and useful contraptions. They have a shiny white surface and are UV resistant. Great for making your own outdoor furniture!

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