Sch 40 PVC Couplings

Couplings are small fittings used to join two pieces of PVC pipe to continue a straight line. They can also join a fitting to a pipe in certain configurations. With a wide range of diameters available, these couplings are quite flexible. They can be used to connect pipes with the same diameter or to connect pipes of differing diameters ,and are available in diameters ranging from 1/4 inches to 12 inches. This variety makes these Schedule 40 couplings some of the more flexible types of fittings on the market.

Max temperature 140 F. Max pressure varies based on fitting size. Our schedule 40 couplings (excluding class 125) meet standards ASTM D-1784, ASTM D-2466/2467, NSF/ANSI 14 & 61.

Schedule 40 PVC couplings have a variety of ends available. Of these, the S and FPT couplings are the two most common types used in PVC pipe systems. These designations refer to the way the coupling connects to the pipe. S couplings are slip, spigot or socket couplings. These are used in systems where the pipe contains no threading. They must be connected using an adhesive for a solid fit. FPT stands for female pipe thread couplings. These have threaded female ends to be connected to male threaded pipes and do not require adhesive. MPT, or male pipe thread, can also be found in Schedule 40 PVC couplings, but this is less commonly used. While the most common types of couplings have the same type of ends, it is possible to find some with two different types of ends.

When Schedule 40 PVC couplings have different sized diameters, they are called reducing couplings. Reducing couplings, when used in plumbing or chemical transfer settings, can reduce the power of the flow. Whether standard or reducing couplings, all of these couplings are made from durable PVC, a material that withstands corrosion from water or soil elements. The material also resists damage from corrosive chemicals and will not bend if stood on. These couplings are durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.

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