Sch 40 PVC Elbows

Schedule 40 PVC 90 ell's are designed to turn the flow of a liquid at a 90-degree angle. This allows for the configuration of a piping system to fit in an existing location. Often in home plumbing, for example, the plumbing needs to turn to flow where it is needed to avoid existing structures in the home or access outside lines. This 90-degree turn improves the function and design options for the system. The Schedule 40 PVC material makes these an affordable and durable option for the home plumbing system as well as laboratories, factories and other commercial applications.

Max temperature 140 F. Max pressure varies based on fitting size. Our schedule 40 elbows (excluding class 125) meet standards ASTM D-1784, ASTM D-2466/2467, NSF/ANSI 14 & 61.

These ells are made from Schedule 40 PVC. PVC resists damage from corrosive materials, heat and fire. PVC is resistant to corrosion from the materials found in soil, so these fittings can be used in underground applications where metal ells are not a good fit. The Schedule 40 PVC is slightly thinner than Schedule 80 PVC, and this makes it more affordable, while still offering the benefits of PVC. The ells can be cemented into place using adhesive, or they can be threaded onto existing pipes, depending on the type of ell chosen. Ell's with both male and female threading are available to improve the versatility of these fittings.

Schedule 40 PVC 90 ell's are available in a range of diameters, from 1/2 inches to 12 inches. This means that these ells can handle a range of applications, from compact systems to home plumbing systems to community sewage plants. Regardless of the application, those who choose Schedule 40 PVC 90 ell's will benefit from the durability and affordability of this unique material.

Schedule 40 PVC ells are popular because of their ability to withstand corrosion, but most are not rated for high pressure applications. Those who need ells for high pressure systems can choose the Class 125 PVC elbows, which are rated to handle up to 125 psi. this option, combined with the range of diameters available from PVC Fittings Online, provides buyers with the flexibility to choose the exact fitting for their unique project needs.

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