Sch 40 PVC Plugs

Schedule 40 PVC plugs allow contractors to close the end of a fitting with a spigot or male threaded fitting. These plugs (in threaded style) screw into place, so they are simple to install or replace. Threaded PVC plugs are able to create a tight seal without the need to use any adhesive. With a tight seal, no liquid will leak into or out of the system. These are commonly used in piping systems where a tight seal is necessary, but where flexibility to be able to change the configuration or expand the system is also important. Schedule 40 PVC plugs are also available with a spigot end. This is simple to install in the end of an existing fitting, and should be used with adhesive for a watertight system.

Max temperature 140 F. Max pressure varies based on fitting size. Our schedule 40 plugs (excluding class 125) meet standards ASTM D-1784, ASTM D-2466/2467, NSF/ANSI 14 & 61.

Schedule 40 PVC plugs can also be used in constructing frameworks out of PVC. When an end is left open, it is easily accessed by insects and small animals, and moisture can also get inside. This can damage a structure and create a health hazard. Caps block the opening, so tent supports, frameworks for outdoor structures and other things built from PVC are not left vulnerable. Should the framework need to be changed, the cap unscrews to allow a new design element to be added.

These Schedule 40 PVC plug are available in diameters ranging from 1/2 inches to 4 inches. While they are known for their affordability, these Schedule 40 PVC plugs are also known for their durability. They withstand corrosion from acids and bases, so they can be used in chemical mixing situations. They also withstand the damage from fertilizers and contaminants in the soil and can resist weathering, so they are often used in landscaping and irrigation situations.

While these plugs cannot handle high temperatures, they can be used in residential cold water lines. These options, combined with the affordability of the Schedule 40 PVC material, make them a popular choice among homeowners and contractors looking to cap a pipe system.

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