Sch 40 PVC Wyes

  • Standard, Reducing and Double Wyes Available • ASTM-D 1784 Standard
  • 3 Outlet fitting with 1 45 degree branch • NSF International Standard 14 Certified
  • Maximum Operating Temp of 140°F • Solvent weld installation

PVC wye fittings are designed to offer branch-like connectivity in a pipe line. They are similar in structure to a tee, but with the top branch protruding at a 45 degree angle instead of perpendicular to the other two outlets. We carry standard, reducing and double wye fittings in schedule 40 PVC, and have all sizes. Wyes are useful in facilitating flow, particularly if the line is carrying low to no pressure. The slope of the 45 degree branch helps media to flow down the pipe line without unneeded disruption of the contents (that you may get with a standard tee fitting).

Our PVC fittings come from either Lasco or Spears - two of the top fittings manufacturers in the world. All our schedule 40 PVC fittings designed for plumbing and pressurized applications meet required ASTM and NSF standards for PVC and potable water. Note that some of our wye fittings may be bushed down to achieve the size you need, and some fittings may be fiberglass reinforced due to their size and integrity factors. Larger diameter fittings may be fabricated by the factory and not molded as smaller size fittings are.

We offer standard wyes in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 24". Like most fittings, the pressure ratings vary by size. Wye fittings up to 2" are rated for 235 psi, 2-6" are rated for 150 psi, and any size above that is rated at 100 psi. For special sizes not found on our site please give us a call. We are dedicated to helping our customers find exactly what they need to complete their PVC job.

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