PVC Barbed Insert Fittings

PVC barbed insert fittings are the fitting of choice when a tightly gripped seal is needed. Rather than using adhesive or some other method to create the seal, the barbs take care of this. Clamps can also be used to make the connection even tighter. This makes PVC barbed insert fittings the preferred choice in O.E.M. and irrigation applications. We stock a wide range of these reliable fittings, and all of our fittings meet ASTM-D2609 and ASTM-D1784 standards. They are also NSF certified for use in potable water applications, making them the fitting of choice for drinking water systems.

Our comprehensive selection of PVC barbed insert fittings include insert adapters, couplings, reducing couplings, caps, plugs, elbows and tees. Just about any fitting you can find in traditional PVC is also available with these PVC barbed insert fittings. We stock PVC barbed insert fittings in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch all the way to 4 inches, depending on the style of the fitting.

One of the benefits of PVC barbed insert fittings is how quickly they can be changed when needed. Because they do not have any adhesive, but rather are attached using the barbs and clamps, they can be removed and replace quickly. This makes them the fitting of choice for home plumbing applications, where long repair times are not ideal.

These fittings are made from extremely durable schedule 80 PVC. This means that in addition to being warp and corrosion resistant, these fittings can handle high temperatures and pressures. So in addition to being used in home plumbing situations, they also have a place in commercial operations where high temperatures and pressures are common. They resist corrosion from corrosive materials and can be used for drinking water. The versatility, convenience and affordability of these fittings contributes to their ongoing popularity in a wide range of applications.

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