Bulkhead Tank Adapters

PVC bulkhead fittings are used to connect a tank to a pipe line. This highly specific task requires a highly specific fitting, and we have them for you. With a wide range of sizes and fittings made from durable Schedule 80 PVC, we have the PVC bulkhead fitting options you need when setting up a tank and pipe system. These are commonly used in industrial settings and aquatic applications.

When connecting a pipe to a tank, it's important that the opening is properly sealed when no flow is required. These PVC Schedule 80 bulkhead tank adapters have EPDM or Viton gaskets. This creates a seal that prevents fluid from leaking into the pipeline when it is not wanted.

Schedule 80 PVC is more durable than its Schedule 40 counterpart. This makes these the fitting of choice for applications involving corrosive chemicals, which is common in industrial and lab settings. They can connect a tank of chemistry to a line without fear of corrosion from the chemicals. Also, the thicker schedule 80 PVC is able to withstand greater pressures than Schedule 40, with a range of up to 500 psi depending on the diameter of the pipe. It will not rust, corrode, warp or pit, even when in constant contact with the material. Finally, it can handle temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used in systems storing and transporting liquids at high temperatures.

We stock Schedule 80 PVC bulkhead tank adapters in a wide range of sizes. For small applications, choose an adapter with a 1/4 inch diameter. For large industrial applications, consider a larger option, up to 8 inches. Various end types, including both male and female ends, slip sockets and threaded ends, ensure that you will be able to find the exact adapter you need for your specific application.

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