Sch 80 PVC Flanges

Flanges are fittings that connect to pipes to allow the attachment of accessories and other items, stop the flow or increase the strength of the pipe. These discs create a tight seal when pressing two surfaces together using bolts, clamps, edges or a compressive force. Of these, joining the two surfaces is most commonly done with bolts. These Schedule 80 PVC flanges are thicker and stronger than the more standard Schedule 40 options, adding yet more strength to a pipe that is fitted with one.

Our schedule 80 fittings meet ASTM D1784 Standards and are NSF-14 Certified.

Schedule 80 PVC flanges work best with Schedule 80 pipe systems, as they accommodate the smaller interior diameters of the Schedule 80 products. Because they are made from strong Schedule 80 PVC, they can withstand high-pressure situations. They also are resistant to corrosion and damage from heat or cold, so they are commonly seen used in chemical processing plants and outdoor piping applications, such as in landscaping.

The options available with Schedule 80 PVC flanges are quite varied, but four are the most common. Slip on, threaded, blind and van connectors are the most common types of flanges available. Slip on flanges slide over the end of a pipe, where they are bolted in place or set using adhesives. This makes them easy to replace, because they are not threaded into place. Threaded connectors provide a tighter seal because they thread on to the end of the pipe. In situations where the flange needs to stop the flow, blind flanges work best, while still providing access. The strength of blind flanges makes them work well for high pressure systems. Finally, van flanges allow the user to align the bolt holes after the flange has been installed because they utilize a free-floating ring. Regardless of the type, Schedule 80 PVC flanges range from ½ of an inch to 12 inches in diameter to fit most Schedule 80 pipe systems.

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