Sch 80 PVC Nipples

When two female ends in a PVC system need to be connected, either when joining a fitting and a pipe or two pipes, Schedule 80 PVC nipples make this possible. Nipples are small pieces designed to connect two pipes or a pipe and a fitting that have two female ends. These small connectors contain two male ends that fit inside two pipes, a pipe and a fitting or a fitting and a funnel or tubing.

Our schedule 80 fittings meet ASTM D1784 Standards and are NSF-14 Certified.

These Schedule 80 PVC nipples have a thicker wall than Schedule 40 options. Because of this, they work best with pipes and parts also rated at Schedule 80. The thicker material gives these pipes a slightly smaller interior diameter, so using Schedule 80 throughout is the best way to ensure that a tight fit is achieved. These Schedule 80 PVC nipples are designed to fit the smaller interior diameters found on fittings and pipes that are rated Schedule 80.

Nipples are available in sizes ranging from ½ an inch to 6 inches. They can have the same diameter on each end of the nipple, or can be two different diameters to connect two different sized pipes or fittings. They are typically dark gray in color and are one of the most affordable fitting options out there.

PVC is the material of choice for piping systems that require durability. Known to resist corrosion from chemicals, water and heat, this material can be used in a range of situations, including water lines, waste water treatment systems and chemical drainage and processing. They are also often used in irrigation systems. These types of applications often require the thicker Schedule 80 PVC over the thinner Schedule 40. The higher wall thickness of the Schedule 80 PVC nipples allows the connection to stay strong, even in these high pressure situations. Even with this additional durability and strength, Schedule 80 PVC nipples are still some of the most affordable fittings on the market.

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