Toilet Parts & Repair

From time to time, you will need to repair a toilet in your home. Many homeowners immediately resort to calling a plumber when they could do the repairs themselves. PVC Fittings Online now carries replacement toilet parts for DIY repairs! This means you can get the parts you need to fix your toilet at the low prices you expect from PVC Fittings Online. We carry a variety of toilet parts, including closet bolts & bolt covers, flappers, levers, all-in-one repair kits and more!

Toilet Parts Have Never Been More Accessible Online!

It seems that toilet flappers are often the cause of issues. The flapper, in conjunction with a chain and lever, is what controls the toilet’s flush. When the flapper is lifted, water from the tank is allowed to pass into the bowl. When enough water passes through, the flapper falls into place, blocking the pipe and allowing water to start pumping into the tank again. If the flapper does not create a proper seal, you could have continuous water flow and – quite possibly – a serious mess on your hands. Flappers are easy to replace, but they are available in many different styles and sizes. Some are even adjustable! Our flappers include replacement chains and include good, better, and best options to suit any toilet.

In addition to flappers, we carry many other replacement toilet parts. Our closet flange spacer rings and urinal was ring help in toilet installation. We also supply several different types of toilet handles in varying colors and designs. If your toilet handle breaks, you can replace it with one that will look and work great! In addition to these useful parts, we also carry a complete toilet repair kit that contains all the inner workings of a toilet tank; everything you need to perform a complete toilet repair. We stock some of the most respected brands in plumbing, because we want you to have quick and easy experience repairing your toilet! Keep your home plumbing in peak condition with PVC Fittings Online.

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