Best Way to Create Overhead Garage Storage with PVC

Finding extra storage space in the garage can be a hassle. Even if you can find the space, using various boxes, racks, and shelves can quickly become messy. If you're trying to save some space and reduce your garage clutter, then just look upwards! Using PVC to create overhead garage storage is a cheap, simple project with a big payoff. This blog post will cover how to create overhead garage storage with PVC products as well as two other PVC storage projects that can help you save space and stay organized. Let's get building!

Overhead Garage Storage - Family Handyman

overhead garage storage

This overhead garage storage build from Family Handyman is a great way to save garage storage space. You'll need the following materials to take on this build:

Creating overhead garage storage with PVC is a great way to save space. The racks themselves can be as long and as deep as desired. However, it is important to make sure all horizontal and all vertical cuts are the same length. Additionally, WYE fittings can be used for additional support. While completely optional, the fittings provide extra support that is useful if you plan to store heavy objects on the rack. You will need to make at least 2 identical racks for this build, but additional racks can be added if you plan to store long rods or pipes. This is a relatively simple project that can act as heavy-duty storage!

Angled PVC Storage Rack - Family Handyman

This angled PVC storage rack from Family Handyman is project that is much smaller in scale than the overhead storage build but will still save you plenty of space in the garage. The list of materials you will need to get started on this build are:

Once finished, this build provides easy storage of objects and tools like screwdrivers, pencils, small pliers and paint brushes, zip ties, and more. The diameter of the pipe and length of each angled cut depends on the width and height of the objects you want to store, so plan accordingly.

PVC Knife Containers - Family Handyman

knife holders

The final build covered in this article is an extremely simple project that will help you keep track of your knives. For this build you will need the following:

These containers offer an easy, safe way to store and organize your knives, making it extremely easy to find the knife you need when you need it. If you have small children, these containers will help ensure they don't hurt themselves if they go through your toolbox.

Storage projects can require a significant amount of time and effort. However, the payoffs of increased garage space and easier garage navigation are more than worth it. As always, make sure to visit our store for the best deals on PVC products, and don't be afraid to reach out if you have any PVC-related questions. Happy building!