DIY PVC Clothes Rack

DIY PVC Clothes Rack CompletedExtra clothing storage is a necessity. Whether they are shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, suits, or anything else, having a place to hang your clothes is important! Hanging clothes keeps them wrinkle-free and allows for easy access. Unfortunately, many houses and apartments only give occupants small closets and spaces to hang clothes. Luckily, making your own DIY PVC clothes rack is easy and inexpensive!

This build is easy to put together and take apart, which makes it ideal for traveling, dance competitions, photo shoots, and clothing sales.  With these measurements, the rack can carry clothing up to 36" in length, but it can be customized to be taller depending on your needs! Build this DIY PVC clothes rack if you want a space-efficient, economical way to hang your garments!


materials for DIY PVC clothing rack projectThis build only requires a few inexpensive materials and tools, allowing you to make this fun project by spending only a few dollars. The materials you will need are listed below:



Step 1: Cut PVC Pipe

cut pipe for DIY PVC clothes rackThis project requires four 5ft. lengths of schedule 40 PVC pipe, all cut into eight pieces. When finished cutting, you should have 48 inches of pipe left over, which gives you plenty of room for error with the 12" sections. Below are the lengths required and how many of each you will need.

  • 36" - 4
  • 12" - 4

If you want to make your clothing rack taller, you will not need to purchase additional materials. Simply replace two of the 36" sections with something longer.


Step 2: Construct Base

The base of this PVC clothing rack is what keeps the whole structure from falling over. This design uses 90-degree PVC elbows to keep the clothes elevated. The elbows also give it a clean look.

To construct the base of your DIY PVC clothes rack, connect two 12" PVC sections to opposite sides of each of the 4-way fittings, with elbows on the other ends of each of the 12" sections. Join the two sets of legs with a 36" piece. The finished base is shown below:

base of pvc clothing rack in progress

Step 3: Construct the Rack

The most important part of this build is, of course, the rack, which holds the clothes. As mentioned before, the sides can be cut longer than 36" if you want your rack to be taller, but 36" is the measurement we will be using.

Place two of the 36" sections in the top of the 4-way fittings on the base, topping them off with an elbow each. The elbows should be pointing inward, towards each other. Connect those elbows with the final 36" piece and your clothing rack is complete!

completed DIY PVC clothing rack

As you can see, this project is easy to assemble and will only take you a few minutes to put together! Due to PVC's impressive physical properties, this clothing rack can carry a significant amount of clothing without breaking. Now you know everything you need to save space and take clothing on the go with this handy DIY PVC clothes rack!