DIY: Kid's PVC Sprinkler

It's summer! That means the sun is high in the sky and the kids are out of school. With the weather being as hot as it is, it's important for the little ones to have a way to stay cool while adventuring outside. Here at PVC Fittings Online, we find the best solution to be an old classic: a sprinkler! This week's blog post will cover a handful of creative project guides for a DIY PVC sprinkler, a great summer DIY PVC project for kids. These projects are all very affordable and aren't time-intensive, so get ready to learn how to make a PVC sprinkler and beat the heat without breaking the bank!

DIY PVC Sprinkler - Come Together Kids

This excellent guide from Come Together Kids provides a thorough, detailed description on how to build a DIY sprinkler. The sprinkler described in this guide is a tall, "slip-n-slide" style unit, so a tarp can be added for even more summer fun! Below are all the PVC materials you'll need for the project: Fun PVC Sprinkler








PVC Sprinkler Water Toy - Instructables 

The build from user m32825 over at Instructables is fairly similar to the Come Together Kids build, but this build makes use of mister jets to create a "carwash" type sprinkler. Additionally, one can make 2 DIY sprinklers of this type and connect them for twice the fun! This build is more challenging and slightly more expensive than the previous build, so keep that in mind when choosing what version of the project to take on. Below is a list of the materials necessary for the build:

If you want to double the build or attach it to another water toy, you'll only need 2 end caps instead of 3. You'll also need a 3/4" PVC Male Garden Hose Adapter and a 3/4" PVC Female Garden Hose Cap.





DIY PVC Pipe Sprinkler - Inspired Housewife

This build from Inspired Housewife provides an in-depth guide on how to make a "run-through" type sprinkler that shoots water from multiple angles. This DIY PVC sprinkler build requires a bit more in terms of materials than the other two, and, like the Instructables Build, will take extra time and attention to detail due to the amount of drilling. All the materials necessary for taking on this build are listed below:Inspired Housewife sprinkler



Given those three builds, we hope you can find a DIY PVC sprinkler project that is right for you! These projects require some time and effort, but they are great ways to flex your DIY muscles and can easily involve your kids should you want them to be whole-family activities. Thanks for reading, and remember to shop at PVC Fittings Online for all your DIY PVC project needs!