CPVC Ball Valves

A CPVC ball valve is an excellent tool for easy open and closed control of water flow, as well as other liquids. Ball valves, a type of quarter-turn valve common in industrial applications, use a simple mechanism to give the user optimal control. A hollow, perforated floating ball pivots by way of a simple handle in order to allow and stop water depending on its angle. When the handle is aligned with the flow of water, the hollow interior of the ball valve is exposed, allowing water to pass; when the handle is turned to be perpendicular with water flow, the hollow interior is completely closed to water flow. These simple “on” and “off” positions make this type of valve an excellent option when ease of use is important.

CPVC ball valves are common in many applications that require fast and easy water shut-off. They are often used in industrial settings that require constant and frequent adjustments in water flow. In addition to control and ease of use, the benefits of ball valves include durability. They are designed to withstand many cycles. Ball valves are reliable because they are difficult to damage and resist wear from constant use. Over the long term, CPVC ball valves continue to close very securely. Likewise, a ball valve is comparatively easy to repair as needed.

The CPVC material is an additional benefit for this type of valve and many others. CPVC is a material that has been treated with chorine, which makes it markedly more resistant to damage from high temperatures and harsh conditions. While PVC is another excellent material for countless industrial applications, its heat resistance is lower than that of CPVC. Where PVC can withstand temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, CPVC is safe for use in temperatures reaching 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

In terms of industrial use, this makes CPVC ball valves very versatile. While PVC valves are recommended for cold water systems, ventilation and draining, CPVC is the best option for hot water applications and tough environments. In terms of chemical resistance, each material has its benefits, so it is recommended you reach out to a PVC Fittings online staff member to determine which option is best for your application.

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