Metal Check Valves

Often in systems that contain sensitive and expensive components, like pumping systems, the ability to block flow in one direction is desired. Metal check valves allow flow automatically in the forward position, while blocking it automatically in the reverse position. This helps prevent contamination or damage to sensitive system components. These metal check valves come in both brass and stainless steel.

Our brass and stainless steel check valves are swing check valves. This means that they contain a small flap that swings into place on a hinge. When flow pushes through the valve in the forward direction, it automatically pushes the flap out of the way, allowing flow through the valve. When the flow stops, the hinge and the weight of the flap pushes it back down, blocking reverse flow effectively. All of this happens without any user input, and the automatic nature of the valve is part of what makes them so popular.

Metal swing check valves are commonly used in applications where temperatures are too hot for PVC. This may be in hot water lines in indoor plumbing systems or in industrial or chemical mixing applications involving the transport of liquids at a high temperature. Of the two types, stainless steel can handle a larger temperature variance than brass, but both are effective in these types of applications.

The brass check valves are made from cast brass and feature a forged brass disk. The stainless steel models are made from 316 stainless steel from Sharpe, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel valves. We stock a range of sizes for our swing check valves in including small valves with 1/2 diameters and larger valves up to 2 inches in size. These valves feature threaded ends to quickly screw into place in the system they will be used in. Other ends or sizes may be available through special order.

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