Metal Gate Valves

In addition to a selection of high quality PVC valves, we also stock a selection of metal valves, including these metal gate valves. These metal gate valves come in either brass or stainless steel and have non-rising stems and threaded ends, which makes installation simple. The non-rising stems allow the valve to open or close without raising the handle. The small footprint and non-rising stems of these valves allow them to be installed in tight spaces, and the durability of the metal means they can be used in outdoor applications. They are also commonly used in hot water applications in indoor plumbing systems, both in residential and commercial buildings, where PVC would not be effective or meet building codes.

Metal gate valves have a gate inside the housing that slides into place to block the flow when the valve is in the "off" position. When the handle, or actuator, is turned, the gate slides out of the way to allow flow through the system. Some metal gate valves allow for throttling, while others only allow a simple on/off functionality. These metal gate valves come in sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter. Larger sizes may be available through special order. All are controlled with a wheel that the user turns to open or close the valve.

Metal valves are preferred over PVC in systems where high temperature liquids need to flow through the valve. They can also withstand higher pressures than PVC counterparts. Brass gate valves are the more affordable of the two choices, but they cannot handle the range of temperatures and pressures that the stronger stainless steel options can. Those shopping for stainless steel metal gate valves will appreciate the fact that we stock Sharpe brand valves, the valves that are one of the leading brands in the stainless steel valves industry.

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