Angle Stop Valves

Stop valves, often called shut-off valves, are what connects an appliance to a home’s water supply. They act as a gateway that water travels through. If you want to replace or do maintenance on a sink or toilet, you will need to close the stop valve feeding it to avoid a mess. There are three main types of stop valves: angle, straight, and dual outlet. On this page, we feature our angle stop valves, which shift the direction of flow 90 degrees. Angle stops are most commonly used when the water line is coming out from a wall. In those cases, the direction of flow often needs to be shifted upwards or sideways towards the appliance.

Angle stops provide an easy way to shut off water to a fixture and allow you to fit a stop in a smaller space than a straight stop would. We offer angle stop valves with many different end types, so they will be compatible in homes with copper, iron, CPVC, or even PEX water lines. These valves are all made of high quality brass, which resists corrosion and is immune to rust, a problem that iron valves are susceptible to. For more information on any of the products on our website, feel free to give us a call at (866) 777-7990 or fill out our customer support contact form.