PVC True Union Ball Check Valves with EPDM O-Rings

PVC is a strong and inexpensive material that is ideal for simple piping systems. It can withstand a solid amount of pressure and is rated for temperatures up to 140F (60C). Our EPDM PVC True Union Ball Check Valves have a strong EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) seal. EPDM is a high-quality, low cost rubber that is used in a wide range of applications, including O-rings for valves such as these. PVC Fittings Online carries a wide range of consumer- and business-grade valves for every purpose.

EPDM PVC True Union Ball Check Valves are used to ensure fluid only passes one way through a pipeline. Ours have a half-ball design. When fluid passes the desired direction, it hits the spherical side of the seating and is allowed to flow around it and through the valve. If any fluid tries to come back up the pipeline, it hits the concave side of the half-ball, which pushes the valve closed. Ball check valves, much like swing check valves, are used in applications that do not allow backflow through a pipeline. The difference between these types of check valves is that ball check valves, due to their design, can slow down the flow slightly, whereas swing check valves have minimal hardware that gets in the way of flow.

“True Union” is a term that refers to the 3-part construction of these valves. The ends of our EPDM PVC True Union Ball Check Valves can be unscrewed for easy cleaning and maintenance. This also means you are able to change out the end types or have two different end types on one valve, as they can be switched out with ease. Another benefit of these valves’ true union design is that you can easily remove the body of the valve from a pipeline, even if the ends are cemented to a pipeline. Browse our full selection of EPDM PVC True Union Ball Check valves to find the high performance products you need at the lowest price anywhere.

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