PVC True Union Ball Check Valves with Viton O-Rings

PVC is an extremely durable material that will not break the bank. This makes it perfect for simple piping systems. You can easily transport water or even other more corrosive materials in a PVC pipeline that will not cost much to put together. These true union ball check valves feature Viton O-rings, which are especially good at dealing with corrosive media. Check out all of these valves below and keep reading for more information!

Viton is a heavy-duty rubber compound that is uniquely designed to withstand corrosion. This extends its lifespan well past other O-rings. This makes these ball check valves some of the highest-quality check valves you can get your hands on. At PVC Fittings Online, we only stock products we trust the quality of, and these valves are no different.

Ball check valves are, as the name says, check valves. Check valves are control valves that control the direction of flow in a pipeline. These ball check valves use a half-ball design which, when fluid flows the desired direction, allows fluid to pass through over the round part of the seating. When liquid is traveling the wrong way, it hits a concave surface which pushes the valve closed.