Industrial Swing Checks

Our range of industrial PVC swing check valves are exceptionally tough while being much less expensive than comparable metal valves. They can handle pressures up to 150psi and temperatures up to 140F (60C). Our primary focus with industrial-grade PVC valves is to give you the best possible value. While they may not be suited for some of the high-temperature applications that industrial users may need them for, these swing check valves still provide exceptional quality for the price.

In many industrial settings, swing check valves are necessary to maintain steady operations. The primary function of a swing check valve is to prevent backflow in a system. These industrial swing check valves have a hinged disk on the inside that opens when fluid flows the correct way through a system. If it tries to flow back, the fluid itself pushes the disk into the closed position. This ingenious but simple design has been in use for over a century.

One of the major benefits of using PVC parts in an industrial system is the ease of installation. Our industrial PVC swing check valves are available with socket or flanged ends. To attach a valve with a socket end to piping, all you need is PVC glue; it only takes a few seconds! Flange-ended valves are also extremely easy to install. The best part about using flanged swing check valves is that they can easily be removed from a system for cleaning, repairs, or other maintenance.

You may be wondering what the difference is between regular PVC swing check valves and these industrial PVC swing check valves. First: the material. Our industrial valves are made with heavy-duty schedule 80 PVC, which gives them a significantly higher pressure tolerance. Second: the ends. Many of our industrial swing check valves give the user the option of using flanged ends. This allows these PVC valves to be installed in any system, regardless of the material of the pipes. Third: maintenance. Our industrial PVC valves have stainless steel bolts holding their bodies together. These bolts can be removed to perform easy maintenance on the inner workings of the valve.

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