Sch 40 PVC Pipe Extenders

PVC pipe extenders are usually used in repair situations where you need an extra bit of pipe to connect to your fitting, valve, etc. Pipe extenders work by fitting inside Schedule 40 PVC pipe on one side, and fitting inside a standard socket fitting on the other side. In essence, the existing pipe is extended a short length. These PVC pipe extender fittings are only compatible with Schedule 40 PVC pipe of the same nominal size. The are NOT compatible with Sch 80 pipe or any other types of pipe. Like a standard fitting, these extenders must be adhered using solvent cement.

In PVC pipe repair, you sometimes must cut off a fitting or length of pipe. In these situations, you may need a little more pipe length to install the required fittings for the repair. This is where a PVC pipe extender comes in handy. One end fits inside of your Sch 40 PVC pipe, and the other end is the same size and thickness of the pipe. This "extends" the existing pipe, giving you more room to complete the repair.

We currently carry these fittings in 1/2" through 12" sizes. Some larger sizes are fabricated - meaning they are rare and made special to order. These larger size fabricated fittings cannot be returned or refunded once an order is placed. Fittings like these extenders are very rare in the world of PVC, because most parts fit outside of the pipe. In a standard socket PVC fitting, the pipe slides into the end of the part. There are only a few select fittings that are specially made to fit inside of pipe, and this pipe extender is one of those.

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