DIY PVC Laundry Hamper / Dirty Laundry Bin

A great way to get organized while also completing a fun, DIY project is to build a PVC clothes basket. A DIY PVC clothes basket is an interesting way to make sure that your bedroom floor never fills up with dirty clothes again! This project also gives you an affordable alternative to sometimes overpriced clothes baskets that are sold in stores. By following the steps below, you will be able to turn everyday PVC pipe into a helpful addition to your daily life. After you make your first DIY PVC clothes basket, you’ll want to make one for every member of your family! Time to build!

Step One: Gather Materials and Tools

This project requires just a few materials and tools. Once you have gathered them together, move on to step two!

-1 Laundry Bag

-2 10' x ½” PVC Pipes

-8 ½” 90-degree Elbows PVC soc x soc

-8 ½” TEE PVC all soc


-Measuring Tape

-PVC Pipe Cutter

Step Two: Cut Pipe

You will need to cut the 2 PVC pipes into the pieces needed for assembly. Use the measuring tape and marker to denote the spots where you will need to use the PVC cutter. The sizes of pipe that you will need to cut are:

-4 25” cut pieces

-8 10” cut pieces

-8 1.5” cut pieces

The picture below shows what your materials should look like after cutting them into the sizes needed for this project.

DIY PVC clothes basket

Step Three: Build Top and Bottom Frames

Begin this step by attaching each TEE to both ends of the four 10” cut pieces. Use all eight TEEs for the four cut pieces. Push them in as far as they will go. Use only your hand so that, if needed, you will be able to disassemble.

Next, assemble every elbow to each 1.5” cut piece to make the future corners of the DIY PVC clothes basket. Then, attach these combined elbows and cut pieces to the remaining 4 10” cut pieces. Be sure to attach all elbows in the same direction.

DIY PVC clothes basket

Finally, you will need to combine the four arms and two TEEs together to make a top frame and a bottom frame. Using an elbow arm, attach one TEE on one side and another TEE on the other. This will give you a U shape. You can then take another elbow arm and attach it to the ends of the U shape to create a completed frame. Repeat this step to get the other frame needed. Before moving on, make sure that all TEEs in both frames are pointing up.

DIY PVC clothes basket DIY PVC clothes basket

Reference the photos if you need help.

Step Four: Insert Legs into Frames

Now that you have completed the frames, lay one on the floor and insert each of the four 25” cut pieces into the upward facing
TEEs. Push them down as far as they will go. Then, with the legs firmly attached in the bottom frame, attach the other frame to the top of the four legs. This will create the base of the DIY PVC clothes basket, as shown in the photo below.

DIY PVC clothes basket

Step Five: Add Laundry Bag

The final step is the easiest! After you have made sure that your frame is tightly put together, add in the laundry bag. Once it is covering the four corners, pull the string to tighten it.

DIY PVC clothes basket

Hopefully you will enjoy completing this fun and easy DIY project! If you have any questions about the materials used or any of our products at PVC Fittings, don’t hesitate to contact us!