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PVCFittingsOnline is the #1 supplier of Furniture Grade Fittings and Piping. Furniture grade pvc products are ready to ship without your typical manufacturer markings. Our furniture grade pvc comes from well known manufacturers that use formulated materials to ensure long life without fading or cracking. Our furniture grade products are used in a wide range of furniture applications, including: Patio Furniture, Dog Beds, Soccer Goals, Playhouses, Planting and Garden Stands, Garage Storage and Much, Much More!

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 PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a material made by combining plastic with vinyl. This combination is durable and withstands pressure, exposure to the elements and temperature fluctuations well, without bowing, warping or bending. These properties make it an ideal option for furniture frames. PVC is also quite affordable: Both initial purchase and the costs to build with PVC are lower than with other similar materials. The end result is furniture that will withstand years of use outdoors, even in harsh conditions.


What are some common PVC projects these parts are used for? Some of the most popular uses for furniture grade PVC parts are...

  Kids PVC Soccer Goal • Elevated Dog Beds (for shelters) PVC Kids Chair - Furniture Grade PVC   
  Dog Agility Equipment PVC Shelves or Racks
  • Outdoor / Pool Furniture • Kids Sprinkler for Summer
  Kids Playhouses • Photo Backdrops
  • Set Pieces for Plays and Movies
• Invention Prototypes
  • Holiday Decorations • And Much Much More!

We hear from people everyday building things we've never heard of or imagined. The possibilities are literally endless! Looking for things to build? Check out our resource center for ideas (HERE).

PVC Fittings Online has chosen the best fittings for use in common furniture building. Four-way fittings, such as side outlet tees, allow builders to create 90-degree junctions between four separate pipes. Side outlet elbows, also known as three-way fittings, are also popular in furniture building, and five-way fittings are sometimes used. In furniture building, capping the end of a pipe gives the piece a finished look, so flat caps are also included in the furniture fittings we carry.

When building furniture, the size of the fitting needs to match the size of the supporting pipe. Common furniture sizes range between 1/2" and 2", depending on the size and style of the furniture being built. The most popular size is 1 1/4", with three-way and four-way fittings being the most commonly used options. Furniture-grade PVC can be used to create frames for patio chairs, pipe furniture, worktables, racks and more. It can also be used to create the frame for outdoor tents and awnings in an affordable, convenient manner.

PVC Fittings Online offers furniture-grade PVC fittings for furniture building projects. Furniture-grade PVC fittings are formulated specifically for furniture, with a glossy white finish, impact modifiers and weather inhibitors. These combine to make it resistant to damage from the elements and regular joints. Pipes can be fitted together temporarily by simply slipping them into the fittings, or PVC cement can be used to create a tight, permanent seal.

Still have questions? Check out our PVC Furniture Fittings FAQ Sheet pdf